Long Lasting Topical Balm

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For those deep aches and pains that need some extra love and attention, we reach for this. The combination of healing and nourishing shea butter, protective powers of beeswax, and our blend of wellness-promoting essential oils, fortified with CBD-rich full-spectrum hemp oil provides the long-lasting relief we are looking for while simultaneously fostering healthier skin.

Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Organic Essential Oils (Arnica, Myrrh, Frankincense, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Juniper)

Directions for use: Liberally spread balm onto affected area and massage until absorbed. We recommend long strokes toward the heart to simultaneously promote lymphatic health. For best results rub the balm between your fingers until it becomes a buttery consistency before applying. We also like to wipe a bit of the residual balm onto our temples afterward to further capture the aromatherapeutic benefits.

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15g NetWt/100mg CBD, 50g NetWt/300mg CBD, Extra Strength 15g NetWt/300mg CBD, Extra Strength 50g NetWt/900mg CBD

10 reviews for Long Lasting Topical Balm

  1. Jeff

    My favorite. Eases my sore muscles and relieves tension. Even helped speed my recovery from sunburn!

  2. Melanie W.

    I mainly use the topical balm as part of my facial skincare routine. Hemp oil is perfect for most skin types and it helps regulate your skin’s oil production – which is what you’re really looking for in skincare products! Serenity’s topical balm has now since then replaced the other “harsh” facial products I used to use.

  3. Sean Davey

    I first used Serenity CBD topical balm a few weeks ago and was blown away by how truly effective it is at clearing up skin issues. I had previously had a a small skin infection on my shoulder for like a few months that was really stubborn and just refused to clear up. I put some of the Serenity CBD topical balm on it and it seriously closed up within a day and a half and was completely gone within a couple more days. Wow! I was pretty damn impressed, to say the least.

    Some might say this is miraculous, but get this. My father in law just arrived here from the mainland and he had some very seriously infected cuts on both his hands that he had incurred a couple of weeks prior. These were serious, of the kind that you might see a doctor to get some antibiotics onto. I gave him a jar of the Serenity topical balm and told him to put a little on his cuts each day. Those bad boys have just about disappeared altogether after a little more than a week and we are talking about a 78 year old man. I only wish I’d taken photographs to prove it for you, but take my word. This stuff is the real deal. I’m a firm believer in the harming properties of CBDs and this Serenity topical balm is the best that I have seen, hands down. I say this with total conviction as I’m the the type of person who only endorses products that I totally believe in.

    Mahalo Serenity CBD’s

  4. Kay

    I use this on EVERYTHING. Pain, skin irritation, bruises, tension, headaches, moisturizer… This stuff is pure magic.

  5. Kelley

    Love this! I suffer from allergies that often result in hives; after applying the balm any itching and irritation quickly dissipate. The packaging of this product is also a beautiful bonus.

  6. Dawn Farrell

    Awesome awesome product! I tried the balm and it worked very well and I love the fact that it isn’t greasy. Thank you for making such a wonderful product to help with my sore muscles.

  7. Casey

    Love this balm! It helps eases my pain and tension. It doesn’t make my skin feel greasy. It’s great to use for massages.

  8. Amanda

    I love this balm! I use it on sore muscles and stiff knees after hard training days. I keep the travel size in my purse to rub on my neck when I get stiff at work. The herbal smell is wonderful! One of my favorite recovery tools!

  9. Nanette N Kivett

    I have had sciatic nerve pain for years because of a herniated disk. The pain is from my hip down to my toes. I have used many topical treatments including other CBD products. I thought I would have to take pain relievers the rest of my life. But then my daughter introduced me to Serenity CBD Balm. It has been a miracle! All I do is rub a small amount deeply into the skin, and I have relief. I have gone from 6 OTC pain relievers a day to virtually none! I strongly recommend this product. Thanks Serenity CBD!

  10. JB

    This Topical Balm is clutch and does miracles for knee soreness. Was given a sample, and now sold. Found something that soothes the pain from years of high impact activities that destroyed my knees.

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