The Roots of Our CBD Topicals


Coming from a variety of backgrounds including yoga, holistic healing, culinary, and visual arts, as well as the renewable energy and cannabis industries, the commonality that brought our team together is a desire to heal and help people. We, just as you, have had our collective share of injuries and traumas that we carry with us and that have shaped who we are. We are deeply inspired by the abundance of resources provided by nature and its ability to heal and transform. We believe it is our responsibility to assist humankind on a unified quest to find harmony with each other and our environment.

We started back in the “Golden Age” of the California cannabis industry in 2015 as a group of like-minded humans with a mission to help people feel better. We began by producing high-quality CO2 extracts and topical wellness products. We chose to work with CO2 instead of the more popular hydrocarbon methods (butane, propane, and hexane) because it didn’t make sense to us to use toxic chemicals to produce something meant to help people. In our time in the cannabis industry, we were given four awards in two competitions for our extraction practices, including first place at both events – the Emerald Cup and Hempcon. When the California industry shifted at the end of 2018 we shifted as well to working exclusively with hemp-derived CBD, as that aligned best with our mission to heal. We now handcraft organic CBD topicals and tinctures with a heavy focus on wellness and synergy of the mind, body, and soul.

Our process starts with meticulously sourcing the best organic farmers and producers of our raw ingredients, including CBD-rich hemp. Utilizing our award-winning extraction practices and third-party lab testing, we are able to ensure that the full spectrum CBD-rich extract is the cleanest and most pure that it can be. Our process ends in environmentally conscious packaging and shipping materials, produced here in America. We are extremely proud to have eliminated 99.96% of all plastic from those practices.