CBD Rollers

Feel the soothing touch of nature with our organic CBD Rollers – the perfect fusion of wellness and relief.

Are you looking for an all-natural way to melt away tension and reclaim your sense of well-being? Our CBD Rollers are infused with the highest quality organic CBD massage oil, designed to target your discomfort with precision and ease. At Serenity CBD in Sacramento, CA, we believe in harnessing the power of nature to provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience.

Why Choose Our CBD Topical Roll-On?

Our CBD Topical Roll-On Rollers stand out because they:

  • Offers Quick Relief: Just roll on the areas in need and feel the calming effects of CBD oil.
  • Organic: We believe in the power of nature, so our products contain organic CBD massage oil.
  • Promote Wellness: CBD has been shown to provide a variety of benefits, making it a great addition to your daily routine.
  • Easy to Use: Compact and mess-free — your solution for on-the-go relief.
  • Provide Targeted Relief: Our Rollers are perfect for targeting specific areas of discomfort, such as sore muscles or joint pain.
  • Non-Psychoactive: You can enjoy the benefits of CBD without any mind-altering effects.

How Does CBD Work in Rollers?

CBD interacts with receptors in our body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating functions such as pain, mood, and sleep. When applied topically through a roller, CBD binds to these receptors and provides relief where it is needed most.

Our Collection

Classic Blend Roller

Our Classic Blend roller features a perfectly balanced combination of CBD oil, arnica, lavender, frankincense, myrrh, juniper berry and eucalyptus essential oils. The calming and anti-inflammatory properties of these natural ingredients work together to provide quick relief for sore muscles and joints.

Sunrise Blend Roller

Begin your day on a positive note with our Sunrise Blend roller. Infused with CBD massage oil, vanilla, coffee, cardamom essential oils, Balsam of Peru, and Tonka bean butter, this roller will invigorate your senses and provide a refreshing boost of energy. Perfect for starting your morning or tackling that afternoon slump.

Forest Blend Roller

Escape to the tranquility of a forest with our Forest Blend roller. This blend combines CBD oil, Black Spruce, Douglas Fir, Cypress Leaf, Cedarwood (Atlas), Juniper Berry, Myrrh (CO2 extract), Cinnamon Bark, and Cedarwood essential oils to create a grounding and revitalizing experience. Ideal for those seeking relief from everyday stress and anxiety.

Why Choose Serenity CBD?

At Serenity CBD in Sacramento, CA, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality CBD products. Our Rollers are carefully crafted with organic ingredients and contain no harsh chemicals or additives. We believe in the power of nature and strive to bring you organic products that enhance your well-being.

How to Use

Simply apply our CBD Topical Roll-On to your temples, neck, joints, or any areas experiencing discomfort. The rollerball application provides a soothing massage, while the potent CBD oil works to provide relief. Use as needed throughout the day for maximum benefits.

Made for Everyone

We’re proud to offer a solution that is vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without harmful chemicals. Every roll-on is tested to ensure the highest standards of purity and potency.



Trust Serenity CBD

At Serenity CBD in Sacramento, CA, we are dedicated to providing natural relief and promoting overall wellness. Our holistic products are carefully crafted with organic ingredients to deliver the best results for our customers.

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