Classic Blend Roller

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Fast-Acting CBD Topical Roll On

We love the rollerball for how quickly and effectively it works. A combination of gently extracted CBD-rich full-spectrum CO2 hemp oil with refined coconut oil (MCT), nourishing jojoba oil, and our blend of healing essential oils. Among the multitude of benefits that come with using MCT oil, one of the most notable is that it absorbs quickly and without residue, making the Topical Roller our favorite for the day to day, on the go lifestyle that modern times require.

Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, Organic Jojoba, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Organic Essential Oils (Arnica, Myrrh, Frankincense, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Juniper)

Directions for use: Roll body oil onto the affected area and gently massage until fully absorbed. For sensitive or hard to reach areas, roll onto finger or hand and gently massage into skin. We recommend long strokes toward the heart to stimulate lymphatic health in the process.

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Classic Roller

8 reviews for Classic Blend Roller

  1. Melanie W.

    I work at a desk a lot, and like most desk workers, I experience the common shoulder, neck, and wrist pains. Not anymore! In addition to stretching, I apply Serenity’s topical roller on my pressure points and feel relief within minutes. Also, I love the scent!

  2. Carlos R

    I love the roller for a hundred reasons, but I appreciate it getting to the hard to reach places the most. Easy to apply with an immediate effect, the scent and look of the roller makes me feel better just holding it in my hands. Thank you for such a great product and please keep doing what you are doing!

  3. Kenny Lee

    I’ve used the balm for a long time and it works really well to relieve my pains. I recently injured my upper back, right between my shoulder blades. I was having trouble applying the balm because of where the injury was, so one of the gentlemen from Serenity suggested that I try the roller out because its easier to use. Let me tell you, it worked like a charm. The roller is now my go to. I keep one at my desk, in my car, my gym bag, work bag, I don’t go anywhere without one. I still love the balm and use it regularly when I’m at home, but the roller is my favorite for my on the go lifestyle.

  4. Matthew Heintz

    Right away I was impressed by the look and feel of the packaging. I felt confidence in a product from a company that pays attention to every detail.
    I mostly use this to relax. I find the sensation and the rich warm smell to be very soothing and often will apply some before bed. I find sleep comes easier when I use this product.

  5. baileyboop

    The rollerball has become my must have travel accessory. It is the best solution to the aches and pain of traveling. I fly often and a couple of swipes on my neck and lower back really help release the tension.

  6. Arlo

    I have been using this roller for the last 2 months and its amazing. I’ve got slight arthritis in my left hand, which I think developed from being on my cell phone to much. I apply and massage it in and usually in 15-20mins I can feel the ache just go away. I am a believer and happy to have found this one.

  7. Elle

    Absolutely love this roll on CBD oil! It’s pretty fast acting, if you need a dose or calm. I have bad anxiety and a form of PTSD and when I used this in tandem with their extra strength CDB tincture, I had great results.

  8. Arthur

    Thanks! Been using this roller on my shins after running and totally helps .

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