Serenity CBD Sunrise Blend Body Oil

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Introducing Serenity CBD’s Sunrise Blend Body Oil—your ticket to a revitalized day.

Crafted with the same exquisite oils as our Sunrise Roller, this luxurious oil is a sensory journey that awakens the senses and calms the mind, all while providing targeted relief.

Key Ingredients

  • Carrier oils: MCT, jojoba, and sweet almond oils form the base of this nourishing blend.
  • Aromatic Oils: Our proprietary blend featuring vanilla, tonka bean butter, coffee, myrrh, balsam of Peru, and cardamom provides both aromatic and therapeutic benefits.
  • 900mg CBD-Rich Hemp Oil: Full-spectrum, organic, and handcrafted, offering the healing touch your body deserves.

Why Choose Sunrise Blend?

Unlike regular body oils, our Sunrise Blend combines the best of aromatherapy and CBD wellness, making it a two-in-one solution for those seeking localized relief and a soothing mental escape.

Directions for use —

Apply a generous amount to your skin and massage in circular motions until fully absorbed. Ideal for morning rituals or anytime you need an aromatic boost.

Quality Assurance

Our products are packaged in eco-friendly, compostable materials because we believe wellness should extend to the planet.


Lab Results

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2oz/60mL Net Wt
900mg CBD


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